Friday Night: 7 Teams


Out of the 46 participants there on Friday night, 22 of them stood up and made a one-minute pitch.

Of those 22 pitches, 7 ideas attracted teams that formed within an hour or two. Then work started on refining their concept.

1. What Shall I Do Now

  • Team Leader: Vicky Crickett
  • A mobile app that lets you choose how much time you have to spare, who you are with, and what you are prepared to pay. Push the magic button and you are told what to do now. Eg “Do 5 star jumps” or “Fly a kite” or “Take your dog surfing”

2. Model It

  • Team Leader: Ben Runciman
  • Model It is a service for Architects that creates real life 3D scale models using 3D printing technology from their CAD files
  • (website not live yet)

3. Message Tap

  • Team Leader: Joshua Wilson
  • MessageTap is an iphone App that helps you find people similar to you in your location

4. So Money

  • Team Leader: Jenha White
  • So Money is a service that connects financial managers with Generation Y who are normally intimidated by the financial profession. Individual financial managers grow their reputation on the So Money platform as their Gen Y clients rate their service and recommend them to others

5. Just Down The Road

  • Team Leader: Graham Cameron
  • Just Down The Road is a website/app that pinpoints local fruit and vege growers in your area

6. OpSwap

  • Team Leader: Danielle Olivier
  • OpSwap is an website/app that enables you to swap your clothes with others

7. StandBy

  • Team Leader: Ian Wills
  • StandBy is a mobile app that enables those who are heading out to sea an easy-to-use method of checking in as they depart with the coast guard and with loved ones, and informs them of their safe return.