Friday Night: 22 Initial Pitches


Out of the 46 participants there on Friday night, 22 of them stood up and made a one-minute pitch.

7 of these ideas went through to build teams (marked with an *)

  • Jeremy: One loyalty app – Collating all loyalty cards onto your phone, reaching customers whenever and wherever, and reducing the environmental impact of physical cards
  • Christie: Smart tab – Mobile commerce solution, enabling people to set up tabs at frequented places and minimising the use of eftpos
  • *Joshua: Message tap – App to find interesting people in your location based on status updates [Kept the name Message Tap]
  • *Jenna: First financial – Website to share financial advice, blogs, ideas to resolve the confusion of financial firsts [Renamed SoMoney]
  • Claire: Blue line editing – Editorial company assisting people of a foreign language with translation and publication services
  • *Danielle: Online op shop [Renamed OpSwap]
  • *Ben: 3D home – Connecting architects and 3D printing resources on the web [Renamed Model It]
  • Peter: Brand up – Improving your online brand with a brand dashboard
  • *Vicky: What to do next app – An app which considers location, weather, and other factors to tell you what you could do next [Renamed What Shall I Do Now]
  • Mike: Grab a taxi app – Hale a taxi by phone, reducing call centre costs and charges
  • James: I’m okay Mum app – Basic app for first time fliers from the nest to communicate with their Mum
  • Ranui: Projectify – Project management everything app
  • Josh: Remote me app – Remote control everything app
  • Moise: Jelly bean massage device – Massage device for individuals and desk bound persons
  • *Graham: Local veg app – Connecting urban gardeners and local fruit and vege farmers with buyers, providing information of what’s for sale [Renamed Just Down The Road]
  • Andrew: Using the website to communicate with the food industry
  • *Ian: Coast guard assist app – Automating and streamlining coast guard assistant processes and systems into an app to generate revenue for the coast guard or another company [Renamed Standby]
  • A better baby monitor – Wall light sensitive to sound which sends out notifications
  • Justin: Perfect places – Review app where you can share positive feedback and rate what you like
  • Help me grow – Growing people to their maximum potential by setting up a system where people apply to be funded, are put on the web and then voted for
  • Carl: Reducing your student loans – Giving people more options for when and how they can make student loan payments such as via eftpos in shops
  • Nigel: What’s for dinner app – Key ingredient web search engine so people can search for recipes based on ingredients they have at home